Good Family Farms is located in Grey County just south of Meaford Ont. Canada. We enjoy the view of Georgian Bay atop our hilly countryside. 



As a diversified organic farm, we are focused on producing quality food in a sustainable manor. We aim to keep our soil healthy and happy which is imperative to producing high quality food. We do this through proper rotation with our animals and crops we look to accomplish this. 


How we treat our earth directly affects how we treat each other. On Good Family Farms, we try and work with the rhythm of mother nature. Our farm is Certified Organic by Eco-Cert. This means we are inspected each and every year to make sure we are not using any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides to wage war on mother nature and make her bend to our will.



Our philosophy is to look to the the old ways of producing quality food while incorporating modern day technologies to increase efficiency while not disrupting the ecosystem our farm resides in. 

How we Farm

Organic of course - But what does organic mean, well first off we do not use any synthetic chemicals to control pest such as weeds, bugs, and disease. Consequently we do no not have to use Genetically modified Organism (GMO) in our crop rotation. Everything that is fed to our soil and animals is organic and as nutrient dense as possible. 


Fitting In - We try and fit into and work with nature as much as possible. This is accomplished by only adding organic amendments to our soil such as manure,compost, compost tea, dried bacterial bodies, and bio-available minerals. The goal is to harvest nutrient dense, healthy crops and animals while having a net positive affect on our soil and environment. (Building soil)

Full Circle Rotation - Variety is key for keeping anything healthy and that is exactly what we do with our crops and animals. Our fields that are in production run on a 4-7 year rotation, meaning one field does not see the same crop for at least 4 years. This aids in crop health, weed and disease suppression, as well as overall soil health. Our animals get variety as well, they do not stay on the same area  of pasture for very long, this disturbance then movement mimics nature (predator pressure) and helps build a healthy robust soil. By practicing a healthy rotation we are reversing the carbon cycle, taking the C02 from the air and putting it back into the soil where it belongs.