Our heritage bread pigs which consist of Tamworth and Hampshire thrive outside with the exposure to the soil, pasture, and spring fed water. They get to express their pigishness to full effect. Supplemental feed is supplied for our market pigs along with mineral, kelp(seaweed), and pro-biotics (Purchase from Bio-Ag). These pigs will turn into a product high in vitamins and minerals, along with a well balanced fatty acid profile that aids in a healthy diet. We like to make bacon a health remedy.


We brood our chickens indoors until they feather up which takes 2-4 weeks. Once they are ready they spend the rest of their lives outside on pasture with access to organic grain that we have grown here on the farm. We also supply apple cider vinegar in the water for added nutrients. These chickens weight between 4-7lbs. and their remaining carcass can be then utilized by making a healing bone broth that will keep you thriving all winter long. 


Cattle are very beneficial to any farm operation and can be utilized in many ways. We are establishing a heard that are fed only Grass and Haylage and have access to the outdoors all year long. These animals when rotated over a cover crop (rested field) help speed up the carbon cycle and turn green forage into biologically available nutrients for the microorganisms in the soil.  

Orders are being taken now for summer chicken, fall and winter pork and turkey.

Prices start from $5/lb for whole animals.

WHY Does the Pasture Matter

I'm Glad you asked........ First off pretty much all of the meat that is served in a restaurant or available in a grocery store comes from animals that spent the majority or all of their life inside a barn most likely standing on their own manure. From this most of us can surmise that in this situation we find ourselves in currently the meat we are eating is most likely is not healthy for us. Allowing animals on pasture gives them several advantages to express their being, they receive sun which is vital for an animals well being. Sun can also manage pathogenic bacteria levels on the farm, creating very little occurrence or concern. Sun kills these little critters and eliminates the need for antibiotics in the feed. Here on the farm we provide a pasture system for our animals so in the growing season they always have fresh feed which keeps them as healthy as possible.


Good Fat

The pasture creates a much more favorable fatty acid balance in the meat. What does this mean you ask, well the fat has a better omega3 to omega6 ratio which has been proven over and over again to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the body is the culprit for many diseases that we are all to familiar with these days. For example in all of these diseases inflammation is a major contributor- cardio vascular, heart, autism, arthritis, Alzheimer, cancer. Pasture creates a nutrient dense healing fat in the animal that can be used in healthy meals for yourself, friends, and family . Fat is a very undervalued food and has been blamed in the past for sugars wrong doings. Not only does the access to constant growing pasture nourish the animals it also benefits the soil (our land).


Soil Saving

By allowing access to particular areas of the pasture for only 1 day or 3 we allow for a concentrated disturbance, in doing this we spread manure, urine, and saliva on our land which provides food and beneficial microbes to the dirt. The animal hooves and feet trample down organic matter (plants, bugs and seeds) into the soil. After the animals have been in the paddock (fenced in pasture field) and have created enough disturbance we move them to a new area. The paddock that was just disturbed will not ,and this is important, be available to the animals until all of the vegetation has grown back. This rest period can be between 30-90 days depending other the growing climate.


Purchasing meat directly from a farmer who's first priority is animal and environmental health is a good idea because not only is your money staying in your community that money is going to be put to use bettering the health of yourself along with the health of our environment. So I urge everyone to buy in bulk the next time you need meat and buy it from your local farmer that has these priorities in mind. So vote with your wallet and help yourself by putting our soils first.