Good Family Farms is a working farm consisting of 400+ acres. The fields are home to heritage-breed pigs, cattle and chicken, all of which are Certified Organic and Regeneratively raised. Our meat and eggs are sold directly off the farm in our farm store as well as online. We also house micro-businesses who share similar values to us. Together, we are working towards improving the health and wellness of our community and supporting our environment to the best of our ability. 

Our Intention

Our intent is to give back to the land, soil and Mother Nature and to create wellness within our community. 

Our Mission

We constantly strive to learn and implement new techniques and technology as land stewards. All of this is in the attempt to work with the cycles of the earth to regenerate the land we reap our food from; Leaving it more bountiful than when we found it.  

Our Values

  • Human health 
  • Animal welfare 
  • Environmental and climate mindfulness
  • Community connection and education  
  • Inspire others 
  • Innovation and creativity