Cows, or ruminant animals in general, are the corner stone of any regenerative farming system. These animals can digest perennial pastures and annual forge crops, inedible by human beings and turn it into nutrient dense food. In many ways, this is the super power of the Cow, Bison, Sheep or Goat. This is very important because farmers can use these animals as a tool to increase photosynthesis and in essence turn sunlight and Carbon Dioxide into rich soil. The Cow eats the grass and turns the plant matter back into manure which nourishes the soil, bringing life and growth back to the land. Keeping our soils covered by perennial pasts stabilizes the soil, inhibiting water and wind erosion and. Also increasing water infiltration. Using Cattle in rotation with annual food crops allows Organic Farmers to suppress weeds and decrease pests. 


     We have Heritage, English Breed Cattle, ranging from Hereford, Angus, Devon and Dexter. These British Breeds do very well on 100% forage diet, ie. no grain. All of our Beef Cattle have a lifespan of at least two years where they spend their time rotationally grazing through pasture, forest and annual cover crops. In the harsh Winter season we house our Beef herd in a naturally lit barn with outdoor access. 


     To keep our cattle healthy, we supplement with Sea Salt and Seaweed to bring essential minerals into their diet that are not found on the land. 

     We calf within the months of May and June. This flows with the natural rhythms of Mother Nature. 

     Don’t forget - we are what we eat, eats! Our cattle are fed a diverse diet of grasses, legumes and forbes, in annual and perennial species. All of these different plants harvest different minerals and polyphenols from the soil which bioaccumulate in the animal and then create a meat that is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These can be found in the collagen, bone marrow, fat and protein of the animal.