Meat Birds

     We brood our chickens indoors until they feather up which normally takes 2-4 weeks. Once they are ready, they spend the rest of their lives outside on pasture. They have access to organic grain that we grow on the farm. We also add apple cider vinegar to their water for immune support. Our chickens weigh anywhere between 4-7lbs butchered. Once you enjoy your chicken, we recommend that you use the remaining carcass to make a healing bone broth that will aid in digestive health. See our recipe section for Farmer Mitch's Broth Recipe! 

Laying Hens 

     Our Laying Hens are outdoors year round. They have access to two Hen Houses where they lay their eggs. They also eat Organic Grain produced here on the farm as well as anything they are interested in while they are roaming around feely. Our eggs have a dark yellow yoke and are very flavourful due to the rich foods the hens are consuming.