The pig has served a very important purpose and there is a reason humans decided to domesticate the wild hog. Pigs can eat excess fruits, vegetables and grains and they store it in their bodies to be utilized over the Winter. When harvest is bountiful, the pig is the savings account. Furthermore, the entire pig is edible. From the head to the pork chops to the bacon, feet, tail and skin - every part of the pig is fair game at the dinner table. 

     Our heritage bread pigs consist of Tamworth and Hampshire. They thrive outside year round with the exposure to the soil, pasture, and spring fed water. We move our pigs on a regular basis, giving them access to new bush and forests. We supply supplemental feed consisting of our own peas, oats and barley as well as is mineral, kelp (seaweed), and pro-biotics. Our pigs are healthy and happy and will turn into a product high in vitamins and minerals. They also consist of a well balanced fatty acid profile and have a higher fat percentage which aids in the cookability and flavour.  Pig fat or Lard, is a superior frying oil for vegetables, breads and meats.